Admission Policy

Only pre-registered delegates (members, non-members / guests), event hosts and IAMCS board members will be allowed entrance to IAMCS events.

The Organisers reserve the right to charge non-members attending as Guests, the entrance fee of $15 applies to online pre-registrations and onsite registrations.

Anyone attending IAMCS events should carry some form of photo-ID (passport, photo-ID driving license, national identity card) or other identification acceptable to the Organisers (such as business cards) and which the Organisers may ask to see.

Students wishing to attend IAMCS events would have to pre-register for the event as a Guest, unless already qualified for membership. Applications will be considered subject to availability, with priority reserved for members. IAMCS is primarily a business to business platform, with the target audience being young professionals engaged in an aspect of commercial shipping, and all students are expected to wear business dress and to behave appropriately. The Organisers reserve the right to ask those not complying with these regulations to leave the event. You may be refused entrance on arrival at the event if you do not adhere to these standards.

Official IAMCS photographers will be taking photographs and filming videos at events. Anyone attending events consents to such photography and filming without compensation and confirms that the Organisers shall be entitled to use such photographs and videos, which may include photographs and videos of visitors, for the purpose of marketing IAMCS in future, for exploitation in any and all media, without liability.

IAMCS was established to give shipping professionals in an early stage of their careers a platform for networking, knowledge expansion and professional development. The target age group is primarily from mid-twenties (university graduates) to mid-late thirties. We have focused on this group as the more established professionals will tend to already have an established network, and have sufficient access to various specialist industry organisations and networking events.

IAMCS may wish to contact you from time to time, if you do not wish to receive communications, you may unsubscribe by emailing