Categories and Fees



To be elected as a fellow, the candidate must satisfy the council that he/she:

  1. Has held for at least eight (8) years consecutively a high position of responsibility in shipping or related business.
  2. Has distinguished himself/herself in shipping practice.
  3. Is a principal in a firm or a director of a company in the business or profession.
  4. Members in this grade are entitle to use the initials FIAMCS After their names.

Associate Fellow

Must match one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Command of a commercial or naval sea-going vessel.
  2. Other senior position at sea.
  3. Senior management position ashore.

Full member

  1. Individuals holding an internationally recognised marine qualification, or who can prove that they have practiced on a full time basis for a minimum of five (5) years as a consultant or marine surveyor.
  2. Individuals who, by producing written reports can demonstrate that they have practiced marine surveying or consultancy for at least five (5) years.
  3. Individuals whose qualifications or experience shall be considered appropriate by the Professional Assessment Committee.
  4. Members may use the initials FMIAMCS after their names.


From time to time the Management Board may confer Honorary Membership on individuals who have given outstanding service to the association. Honorary Members have the same rights as Full Members but do not pay a subscription. Honorary members may use the designation HIAMCS after their names.


Organisations that encourage and approve of the aims of the association and have staff who are members of the association.


Associate Membership shall be open to any person, partnership, company, firm or other corporate that does not own a Ship but is engaged in ship operating or ship management. Associate Members can nominate one (1) person to represent them in the Association. Associate Members are entitled to attend General Meetings and to participate in discussion at such meetings but shall not vote or stand for election to the Board of Directors.


Individuals holding a recognised qualification, for example Inspector level 2 or higher (NACE, FROSIO, ICorr), RMCI and IRMII, NDT Technicians (CSWIP), for example gauging personnel, divers or other surveyors with at least three years full time practical experience in a marine related field. Technician Members may use the designation TIAMCS after their names.


Graduates who do not meet the criteria for Full or Associate Membership and are continuing to train and gain experience prior to applying for Associate Membership.


Individuals who are registered in maritime or shipping Professional Qualifications. These Individuals will be appointed as Student Members of the Association for the duration of their course.


Individuals who have passed an Institute Professional Qualification course, but do not have sufficient experience to qualify as Full or Associate Members. Graduate Members may use the designation GIAMCS after their names.