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Seafarer expertise and qualifications are highly regarded throughout the world. So Empower yourself by starting one or more of our professionnal courses and Learning Paths on LMI today! And while some seafarers spend their whole career at sea, you could take it ashore. A career at sea doesn’t always mean working on the water. In shipping companies or other marine industries your skills and experience will be in great demand.

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Maritime Inspectors, Surveyors & Auditors

Starting from €49 / Mo*

Maritime inspectors come in different roles, names and they work for different organizations. Depending on their title, the role can more or less be distinguished. In short the maritime inspector works normally as third party, as vetting or for an insurance company.
The Flag State inspector and the Port State inspector are obvious. The Class Surveyor works for a Class Society. After all these technical inspectors we have the Auditors. Auditors can be from any organization and they invest if a system is working. This can be a quality system like ISO 9001, a safety system like ISM or a security system like ISPS.

Ports & Harbour Management & Pilotage

Starting from €49 / Mo*

Port management is a necessary position required to keep ports organized, supervised, and functioning. Ports often house cargo, ships, rental spaces, warehouses, and loading docks. There various functions of port management include overseeing all commercial and technical components of the shipping industry.

Maritime Regulatory Authorities

Starting from €49 / Mo*

A key regulator for the maritime shipping industry is the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), a Untied Nations body whose only purpose is to help increase and maintain worldwide maritime safety.
The world relies on a safe, secure and efficient international shipping industry – and this is provided by the regulatory framework developed and maintained by IMO.

Marine Insurance

Starting from €49 / Mo*

A Marine insurance provides independent third-party technical review and approval of high value and/or high risk marine construction and transportation project operations, from the planning stages through to the physical execution, you want this qualities to be part of your professional skills, book this course.

Ship Broking & Finance

Starting from €49 / Mo*

A shipbroker acts as an intermediary between ship owners and charterers or the buyers and sellers of ships, also a shipbroker maybe part of a shipbroking department in the principal’s own organisation, or part of a separate company within which individual brokers tend to specialize as owner’s or charterer’s brokers. In this course we will consider in detail the typical business a Shipbroker and the actions that a Shipbroker takes during the negotiations and servicing.

Ship Classification

Starting from €49 / Mo*

The course content is aimed at providing newly appointed surveyors and those as yet limited practical experience with solid technical knowledge about classification and statutory matters. This course is specifically structured for those looking to taking up the role of a Non-exclusive surveyor enabling them to properly undertake the duty imposed under the relevant Classification rules.

Maritime Law & Arbitration

Starting from €49 / Mo*

Maritime law, also known as admiralty law, is a body of laws, conventions, and treaties that govern private maritime business and other nautical matters, such as shipping or offenses occurring on open water. International rules, governing the use of the oceans and seas, are known as the Law of the Sea this course will provide you with the necessary knowledge of Maritime Insurance & Shipping Law.

Offshore Exploration

Starting from €49 / Mo*

This course provides a practical knowledge of petroleum exploration. It aims to develop required competencies for an effective participation in multidisciplinary project teams.

Ship Repair & Marine Equipment Production Management

Starting from €49 / Mo*

This course will develop and deepen your knowledge of the Ship Repair sector. With this innovative course, you will gain the essential skills and knowledge required, enabling you to successfully run and manage the marine equipment production and repair process.

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